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And Gulliver Returns Book V : My Visit to Singaling

By: Lemuel Gulliver XVI

...ying to fill 200 television channels with 24/7 programs, open several new films a week, and sell as many recordings as you can-- you have to rely on ... ...me. “We wonder why your film producers insist on producing violent films when the research indicates that violence is not necessarily more po... ...ight be learned, we want to foster ethical behavior so we have no violent films. “We agree with your psychologist Bandura that much of childr... ...well as more violent street criminals. “Just as watching games and films is most often merely killing time. It is not just killing time, but ... ...e that they might be kidnapped. So they keep them indoors watching violent films and video games with no fear of their learning to be violent. Yet th... ...ublic Pension Systems with Healthcare in the Wings. Fiscal Studies: 26:1 (2005) pp. 5-34 2. Archives of General Psychiatry, Sept. 2007 73 3.... ...hiatry, Sept. 2007 73 3. American Academy of Pediatrics, vol. 116, 2005 4. Washington Times, August 1, 2004 5. Leviathon, 1651 6. Dickso...

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