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Actions and Reactions

By: Rudyard Kipling

...ve a good time in her. You were—” “Well, I discovered I was too much of an American to be content to be a rich man’s son. You aren’t blaming me for th... ...riage!” Sophie exclaimed, a little awed; for to them the joke, which to an American means work, was only just beginning. “If it’s took in a proper spi... ...as his present keen interest. They set off to look at it, and the imported American scraper which had blighted the none too sunny soul of “Skim” Winsh... ...eling. The pits of gloom about us begin to fill with very faintly luminous films—wreathing and uneasy shapes. One forms itself into a globe of pale fl... ...ation till such time as the A. B. C. should annex them. For side-splitting comedy we would refer our readers to the cor- respondence between the Board...

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