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The Country of the Blind and Other Stories

By: H. G. Wells

...m a book. “‘Smiles’ ‘Elp Yourself,’ it’s called,” said Jane; “but it ain’t comic. It tells you how to get on in the world, and some what William read ... ...8 The Country of the Blind on a way of settling him at last. It is a South American dodge. I joined all my fishing-lines together with stems of seawee... ..., the people were supposed to be English and were dressed like fashionable Americans of the current epoch, and I fell into the natural error of suppos... ..., always having her relations and girls from business in, and their chaps. Comic songs a’ Sunday, it was getting to, and driving trade away. And she w... ...eboard partially covered by a black velvet cloth, and beside a decanter of American whisky. It is from 202 The Country of the Blind Mr. Wace, indeed,... ...pain, no hardship, gashing with knives, splin- ters thrust under my nails, strips of flesh flayed off, all for the glory and honour of God.” God smile... ...y. A rather “touristy” friend of his took him away at times. He complained comically to Miss Winchelsea. “I have only two short weeks in Rome,” he sai...

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