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The Marketing of Ideas and Social Issues

By: Seymour Fine

...ing 33 Advocacy 33 Fundraising 33 Nonmarketing Exchanges 34 SUMMARY 35 3 IDEA PRODUCERS 36 THE EMERGING CONCEPT SECTOR 36 Government, a Specia... ...to The New State of the Economy (Allvine and Tarpley 1977), Philip Kotler wrote: Americans will have to pay more attention to resource conservation... ...lives. (p. xiii) In the book the authors succinctly speak of reformulation of the American Dream such that our society will have “to expect less in... ...intended to be fruitful and multiply ("Save the Whales" 1979): The materialistic American dream, while dominant, is not universal. Young adults sh... ...profit inspired, they have a place in cell (7). When adoption becomes widespread, producers of fashion apparel quickly capitalize on the populariza... ...s as applied to ideas are taken up in the next part of this book. 36 3 IDEA PRODUCERS THE EMERGING CONCEPT SECTOR This chapter explores a s... ... crime and violence. There is 80 some evidence negating the effectiveness of films as idea channels (Brembeck and Howell 1976, p. 39). On the...

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