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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

...calls a singularity which was the origin of the Big Bang. If you reverse the film of a pebble hitting the 2-dimensional The Path of Splitness Cha... ...ticles: a living organic cell. This is why galaxies exist as faint, cellular films of energy on the outer perimeters of huge, empty inter-galactic ... ...s another medium like water, or a transparent pane of glass, or a transparent film of plastic. Space is a Pure Formless Medium. The only reason ... ...ew lions? When there were millions of grazing animals? Why didn’t the North American natives colonize the land where millions of bison lived? It ... ...hapter Three: Summary of Hominid-Human development 205 The earliest North American cultures invented bone-tools and flint tools by themselves. B... ...plitting with crude stones as the first form of stone technology. After North American humans began splitting Mammoth-bones: did they start evolving... ...ll be dumped squarely back into the laps of the assholes who created it. Then producers and consumers will be forced to become more responsible. Th... ...ber Baron underdog, or any underdog. Then Hoover blackmailed three Hollywood producers to make movies glorifying the government scum that shot down... ... productivity supplanting human concerns has become the ethical norm for both producers and consumers. Only when public awareness is raised eno...

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