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Man with No Name

By: Wally Amos

...olate Chip Cookie Company changed my life-and it also changed the face of American business. I opened the first gourmet chocolate chip cookie store ... ... to partake of because Friday was also the day "the eagle flew"-the black American colloquialism for payday. And when Ruby got to work frying up fis... ...palette of races I had never encountered before: Chi­ nese, Puerto Ricans, Jews. Outside the school, I had to deal with the gangs which were prevalen... ...ed shirt and Panama hat now reside in the Smith­ sonian National Museum of American History in the Business Americana Collection. That hat and shirt,... ...seum, valued them as symbols of being able to create your own destiny-the American Dream. To me they are a testament to the power of faith, commitme... ... I did not even think about literacy. But when I learned that millions of Americans could not read or write, I approached LV A and offered my servic...

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