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Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life

By: Rav Michael Laitman

...E M E A N I N G O F L I F E 10 In his book, Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy (1687), Isaac Newton (1642-1727) proposed a theory of mecha... ...of Truth. M I C H A E L L A I T M A N , P H D Rav Michael Laitman has a PhD in Philosophy from the Russian Academy of Science and an MSc in Bio-Cyber... ...h for a place where I could study the general systems of reality. I turned to philosophy, but before long realized that the answer was not to be fou... ...rely on practical experimenta- tion. Hence, this process is entirely reliable. Philosophy, however, engages in ideals abstracted from Mat- ter. It is ... ... the method of Kabbalah because it is founded on the study of Abstract Forms. Philosophy discuss- es qualities such as truth, falsehood, anger, and v... ...sations and impressions of the spiritual world that enrich the new memory and analytic abilities of the new mind. Consequently, the world-picture cr...

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