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7 Scorpions : Rebellion

By: Mike Saxton

...nd out that this day was diferent, and it started with a ferce video feed which came through every television, internet connected computer, and cel... ...s leather gloves, and a 2 Mike Saxton black, short sleeve leather jacket which was always open to dis- play the saying on his shirt, “Live Free or D... ...lmet however, appeared as a type of dragon head, with the mouth wide open containing the front face plate. From the back of his neck draped a long, ... ... the rebels?” Mullen kept a straight face. “Those that survived have been contained. We are sorting them now.” “Excellent, the more slaves we have wo... ...fan my- self.” “Gooey?” asked Lexi. “That could be badly misinterpreted.” “Graphical User Interface. G-U-I,” Josh enlightened. “Mind out of the guter... ...” Vincent stated. “What’s that gonna prove?” Josh asked. “I want to see if timelines match up. A year before the Flash Storm, there was a lot of stra... ...o destroy it, at any point,” Lexi answered. Josh continued to fip through articles. Afer the frst few he managed to get to one about a year before t... ...s unknown out there. You have no public record in the system but we found articles in the L.A. Times,” Josh ex- plained. “I can’t believe that this n...

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