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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

... Canadian Copyright: 1072425 Nov 12 th 2009 Due to the ideas presented in this book, I have had to use various terms and words that are not f... ...ed in this book, I have had to use various terms and words that are not found in dictionaries: beginning with the title. The word: ‘Splitness’ is ... ...ng these elements together creates a larger context of awareness which result in a better understanding. For instance: what can you understand a... ...roduction of carbonized-burnt food into our diet was also the introduction of cancer into our bodies. Why do chefs, the world over, put black or w... ...ave us blackened organs and carbonized innards and ultimately: the disease of cancer. Because we still want a hotness in our food whether it is cook... ...k and white specks of soot on it. They missed their dearly beloved specks of cancer-causing carbon. Then Europeans discovered spices; black and wh... ... power of national banks, moneyed capitalists…money: filthy lucre, capitalist deathsheads: the Jewish Rothschild family intermarrying with English, A... ...Harbor was going to be bombed and letting Americans die so he could use their deaths as an excuse to declare war. Just like Bush Jr. used the pre-kn... ...first would-be skinners lost their own skins in the process and died horrible deaths. They were literally skinned alive by their own evils… they di...

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