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The Soul Bearer

By: Jonathan Cross

...ureau ofIndian Mfairs for the State of Washington. But the bureaucracy, the red tape, and the Federal indifference to the plight of the reservation ... ... for­ mally. "Yes. Richard Hawk, I have a reservation." The clerk typed on the computer keyboard next to his elbow. "Yes, Mr. Hawk," he said withou... ...ss­ man, he walked over to an attractive looking woman typing rhythmically on a computer. After a moment, she looked up and managed what Richard con... .... "Have a seat. Ms. Matloch will see you shortly," she said, re­ turning to the computer. Hawk sat on a deep cushioned sofa and nervously skipped t... ...implacable, with stone faces. Robert Brent stopped taking notes and turned on a tape record­ er. He wanted his complete focus on Richard Hawk, the ma... ...ed at his watch, his prized actors would be arriving soon. The meeting would be taped and expertly edited, so that not even the best computers avail... ...pointed out that all of the symptom sites were in the vicinity of nuclear waste storage facilities." "You think these dumpsites are the cause of the... ...ide, there isn't enough money in the U.S. Treasury to clean up fourteen nuclear storage sites, let alone one like Hanford." "You said two reasons."... ...ery geographic area that sur- 13:l Johnathan Cross rounds one of their nuclear storage facilities. Check it out with the CDC." "How do you know Ma...

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