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The Mystery of Jamieson Stone

By: Jonathan Cross

...ke a flight attendant than a secretary. “May I help you?” she asked looking up from her computer. “We’re here to see Mr. Greene,” Barton said sho... ...d in. A petite brunette quickly approached Stone and led him out of camera range. “Stop tape,” Brand said. “Back up. Who’s the young lady?” “Anni... ... Annie Jackson applying makeup to his face. In seconds, she wheeled her cart away. “Stop tape,” Brand shouted. “I didn’t see what Stone did with the... ...ing sure that Stone was centered in the frame.” Brand accepted the answer for now. “Roll tape.” Immediately, Jane Simmons entered the picture. “St... ...o a production staffer before airtime to have it put on the teleprompter.” “Did he use a computer?” - J.Cross/Stone 42 “What generation are yo... ...How can I help?” Barton asked through half-closed eyes. “I need unfettered access to your computers.” “Not a problem. I’ll tell Thomas to take an ex... ...r President Nolan. He’s waiting for your call. You can visit the rehab center. It’ll be a media event. They’re doing some good work out there.” “S... ...completely baffled. You want me to attend your husband’s funeral, and you want me to do a media event at the same time?” Susan started to cry. “I n... ... little comfort for Kidd, as he carefully climbed over the fence, and hid behind a wooden storage shed. Within seconds, Braden was at his side. “No...

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