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Information Technology Tales

By: Brad Bradford

...in print shops and in the current digital eBook era.. My degree in human-computer interfaces in 1973 led to my appointment as adjunct professor at ... .... You could walk into that library, and the first thing you‘d see was the computer asking if there were any books you wanted. You selected books fro... ... lost books. You could search books using the SEARCH function on your own computer, import quotations into paper e-mails, etc., and copy the book. ... ...e toward the top of the machine until each matrix dropped into its proper storage tube within the Linotype‘s magazine. Notches on the sides of m... ... key—were coded differently for each character to direct it to its proper storage place in a vertical tube at the top of the machine. Lower costs... ...d lower cases, where they could immediately be used again. Long aisles of storage cases that had been filled with foundry-produced type became obsol... ...e ENIAC predicted a landslide victory for the GOP’s general, but the news media—certain that ENIAC had blundered—censored that accurate call until m... ... also active visual images—first to other individuals but later to social media sites of every sort. Back in the twentieth century, revolutionarie... ...uriosity about past InfoTech. Early critics of the Internet and social media raised visions of Web users sitting all alone in the dark staring gl...

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