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Tokyo to Tijuana: Gabriele Departing America

By: Steven David Justin Sills

...f his being. His sister had been raped and mutilated. At least that was the theory-as much as one could assess from skeletal remains. The prosecution... ...e very universe she resided in and as pessimistic as Hobbes' social contract theory (although to her who often liked dressing up in black, black was n... ...she could it would be just one more empty fact. And yet now it was an empty theory. Sometimes it struck her how this dance with ideas was like awake... ... one was all alone dancing in an empty room of a lunatic asylum. The quantum theory of her life -- the forces that drove her away from humanity (perha... ...efore making a decision. It improves the ability to make good decisions. My theory is that for every twenty minutes of inordinate movement that a boy... ... ideas and smiled at each new exhibit. "To think that he addressed the first consumer inquiries on a manual typewriter like this," she said at the typ... ...ith a few hundred dollars each month she could have been one of those common consumers in outdoor markets, the real people. However, it all, seemed as...

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