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An Apostate: Nawin of Thais

By: Steven David Justin Sills

...d himself that his dizziness was from being drunk on the self, a plausible theory, and yet he continued to quaff his sumptuous reflection in spite of ... ...their stomachs, and it disposed of beings and generations of beings like a consumer throwing out beer bottles. He knew, as much as one could know from... ...Also a good airing out is as good as soap and water. That's always been my theory." The Laotian grinned mischievously, and then looked out of the wind... ...ities mirrored in the partner which makes them feel less alone. That is my theory, for what it is worth." "You are a deep one, aren't you?" asked the ... ...laying his meager role in the production of goods to be sold to insatiable consumers he found himself unemployed and eventually reduced to a beggar wh... ...meted. And for those who never had anyone there, for them, he, at least in theory, wanted to be there the way Noppawan had been there for him in his y... ...pe your pathetic middle aged life for a while. Now you can help me." "Well consumer beware, but it's certainly cheaper than being a benefactor providi... ...hel studies as though he were an astrophysicist on the verge of a singular theory. He had gazed at the varmints and their apotheosized obscenity, vile...

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