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The Silver Lining: Moral Deliberations in Modern Cinema

By: Sam Vaknin, Ph. D.

...of duties and obligations. The owner/manufacturer of a product must compensate the consumers should his product harm them in any manner that they w... ... amends if the product failed to meet the reasonable and justified expectations of consumers, based on such warrants and representations. The payme... ...possible where the laws of nature are different. This is the same tired regularity theory in a more exotic guise. They are all descendants of Hume'... ...rld. It mainly arises when we introduce intentional action and perception into the theory of causation. Let us revert to the much- maligned owner of... ... property, planning, wealth and capital. Mental inequalities lead to innovation and theory. Knowledge differentials are at the heart of educational ... ...d logic): computability or recursive functions (later to be developed into Automata Theory). The authors confined themselves to dealing with comput... ... in the predicate calculus. Later it was shown that many functions (even in number theory itself) were not recursive, meaning that they could not b...

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