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Class Heroes: A Class Apart

By: Stephen Henning

...d to pursue my dreams. I love you all very much. Special thanks to my cousins, Darren and Laura, for being the likenesses of James and Samantha, t... ...n a certain way to get what she wants. We have a name for women like that, but I shan’t use it here. Instead, I will give you the opportunity to act... ... in the van with her colleague Tom Barnard and one of the police IT specialists, Darren Bell. All three of them were highly surprised when the door ... ...c were a constant irritation in her job. “You shouldn’t be here, darling,” said Darren Bell, a little more gently. Tom Barnard never even got to s... ...uring from his ears, nose, mouth and from under his suit. Seconds later, she and Darren Bell suffered the same fate. Neither of them had time to cal... ...rful artwork on the Class Heroes website. This is the image based on my cousins, Darren and Laura, and really helps to make the characters feel real...

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