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The Public Domain : Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

By: James Boyle

...rld. I owe the biggest debt of grat- itude to my colleague Jennifer Jenkins, who directs the Center and who has influenced every chapter in this book. ... ...mendment problem with this. 3 Margaret Mitchell’s estate fa- mously tried to use copyright to prevent Gone With the Wind from being told from a slave’... ...nvolved, the words “stock options” worked their normal, morally debilitating magic. In internal company correspondence, attacks on the hypocrisy of th... ... for literature: the expan- sion of copyright’s ambit to cover plotlines and characters makes it more questionable. Certainly many recognized forms of... ...ovement has been pronounced enough to generate its own reaction. The popular comics site “xkcd” has strips critical of the Digital Millennium Copyrigh...

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