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Information Technology Tales

By: Brad Bradford

...but the French language may exert even greater impact on the evolution of English. The Treasure of Our Tongue nourishes the rise of democracies. ... ...lism‖ simply because they were capitalists themselves. 16. Shaping the English Language William Caxton’s print shop helps standardize The Treasu... ... Henry VIII’s first act as ―pope‖ orders and then funds the first printed English Bible. 17. Ottmar Mergenthaler Does It Again Inventors strived ... ... information technology. Mnemonics skills that once worked well for poet-singers‘ stories failed to meet the needs of an economic species that irri... ...estock and women from neighbor tribes on the grassier steppes. The Mongol male was perfectly attuned to a natural cycle of raiding other tribes and ... ... the level of violence low but perpetuated tribal conflict. Virtually all male Mongols became warriors Boys began riding before they could walk. The... ...that the pope permit him to divorce his wife, who had failed to produce a male heir, and let him marry his mistress, Anne Boleyn. Anne had strong o...

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