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Kabbalah for the Student

By: Rav Michael Laitman

...builders and built palaces of pleasure. He gathered all the musicians and singers and built him concert halls, and called the finest bakers and chef... ...nd built palaces of pleasure for him, collected all the musicians and the singers and built him concert halls. He assembled the best chefs and baker... ... feel the beauty of the buildings; and he was deaf and could not hear the singers. Sadly, he was diabetic, and was permitted to eat only coarse-flou... ... its gender according to its functionality at that time: active/giving is male, and passive/receiving is female. 5 7 0 K a b b a ... ...hina that remained in each Masach, prompted the elicitation of two levels—male and female—in the heads of all the Partzufim: beginning in AB de AK, ... ...tkalelut (mingling/integration) is called Hitkalelut of the female in the male, since the Reshimo de Aviut from Behina Gimel is called “female,” as ... ... v i a T i o n s (Because the acronyms are of Hebrew words, the letters in English may not match the words they represent) AA Arich Anpin AB HaVaYaH ... ...per produced and disseminated by Bnei Baruch in many languages, including English, Hebrew, Spanish, and Russian. It is apolitical, non-commercial, a... ...Toronto, Canada, London, England, and Sydney, Australia. It is printed in English, Hebrew, and Russian, and is also available on the Internet, at www...

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