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The Silver Lining: Moral Deliberations in Modern Cinema

By: Sam Vaknin, Ph. D.

...anic encounter between Ripley, the aforementioned psychopath protagonist and young Greenleaf, a consummate narcissist. Ripley is a cartoonishly po... ...avel to Italy to retrieve the spoiled and hedonistic son of a shipbuilding magnate, Greenleaf Senior. He embarks upon a study of Junior's biography,... ...rsonality, likes and hobbies. In a chillingly detailed process, he actually assumes Greenleaf's identity. Disembarking from a luxurious Cunard liner... ...ecessary in pursuing this goal. Ripley's reality test is maintained throughout the film. In other words - while he gradually merges with the object... ... Ripley time and again, mysteriously, capriciously, cruelly. Thus, ultimately, the film is an intricate study of the pernicious ways of psychopatho... ...and are available to anyone with a computer. The last decade witnessed a spate of films, all concerned with the confusion between life and the imi... ...eatening short breath and elevated heart rate? Do they truly ejaculate? Yet, having gone this far, it is easy to imagine a device that would stimula... ...ue and false values – but the organ which identifies these entities (the brain) has gone awry. The paradox is that the second approach also assumes... ...(dream-designer) that the dreaming person‟s defences are down and all vigilance is gone. This vulnerability makes possible the art of extraction an...

Moral deliberations and philosophical dimensions in thirteen modern films.

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