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Words to Wright By

By: Robin Bayne

... Notice that I quelched the urge to say “IMHO” here?) is that penmanship has gone by the wayside. I suppose it is assumed no one writes anymore. At ... ... drives land in the fairway. As writers, we are driving a message toward the green of a person’s heart. Some of us write romance. Some of us write hum... ...ff. Worthless, ready to blow away. Watch over me, Lord. Bring me back to the green and shady banks of your fellowship Keep me planted by your stream o... ...er to pray when we were kids. If not for a poem I had written, we could have gone our whole lives through, and I would never have known. I want others... ...an on when I need understanding. Understanding/Rhonda Eudaly 103 Red Light, Green Light By Betsy Rozelle “For God hath not given us the spirit of fea... ...of off, and yes, in the middle of the retirement home’s book club where I’ve gone to promote my book The Lord is there. Anxiety/Chris Duncan 146 Bla... ... Deborah’s first novel, A V ow to Cherish, inspired the W orld Wide Pictures film of the same title. Her newest books are the Clayburn Novels from How...

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