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Hawaii Business Magazine-Special Apec Edition

By: Apec Hawaii Host Committee

...ll marine ecosystems. Microbes are extraordinarily diverse in structure, genome composition and physiology, and they are important to life on Earth... ...n Earth because they harvest sunlight, produce nearly half of the oxygen humans breathe, and sequester carbon dioxide. C-MORE aims to learn more a... ...le for transplant, Wuh says. The creation of an artifcial cornea made of human collagen meets an urgent demand. With Asian and Pacifc nations in m... ...an eye-surgery center where corneal blindness patients can choose either human-donor or artifcial corneas. There’s no better place to give the gif... ...apulted the startup R&D company into clinical trials and the business of human healing. TGI soon found itself in the forefront of the high-growth f... ...aking toward fnding international partners, beginning clinical trials on humans, and achieving U.S. and foreign regulatory-agency approval – steps ...

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