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The Curse of Kali

By: Audrey Blankenhagen

...f slavery, child marriage, female infanticide and the practice of suttee, as one of the important humanitarian reforms of British rule. v Histor... ...oking, of burning dung cakes used for fuel Audrey Blankenhagen 34 and the unpleasant odours of human excrement and rotting garbage, their odifero... ... shouting at and shooing away stray cows and pariah dogs, which seemed to roam at will amidst the human throng. A fair-skinned Parsi came on board w... ... of a psychic. Was Gavin French the right man for her Helen? Rosita had always believed that each human being has a soulmate with whom a union in th... ...fted Helen to her feet and the dark pools of his compassionate eyes seemed to hold the key to all human life. He picked up her palm and turned it ov... ...e to suffer the ravages of epidemics, floods, earthquakes and famines with little or no personal resources. What horrifies me, too, is the mutilatio...

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