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Empire and Wars

By: Sam Vaknin

... of "true" Islam. On the contrary, it is the purest expression of its nature as an imperialistic religion which demands unmitigated obedience from ... ... be a prerequisite to such). But the fastest economic growth rates in history go to imperial Rome, Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and post-Mao Chin... ...e in conjunction with an oppressed periphery of colonial real estate. The role of imperial power entails the suppression, subversion, or manipulat... ...ia could not resist the temptation of playing once more the Leninist game of "inter-imperialist contradictions". It has long masterfully exploited c... ...perity no less than the indigenous population. Aware of this encroaching "economic imperialism", privatization deals with German firms are being vo... ...ajor, modern facilities ... in China, (including) the first and second (generating) units at the Tianwan nuclear power plant." China has also signed... ...try" of Reconstruction and Development (MORAD) in Irbil lists thousands of housing units, dormitories, schools, and guest houses built this year wi... ... Israel. Served in the Israeli Defence Force (1979-1982) in training and education units. Education Graduated a few semesters in the Technion ...

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