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The Soul Bearer

By: Jonathan Cross

...without any major delays. The President can't afford a hole in his Cabinet. The Democrats are biting at his heels." "Are there any suspicions about ... ...n this. We're talking about explosive stuff here, no pun intended. But, if the Democrats get wind of this, we're going to sink like the Titanic, an... ...om looking like a co­ conspirator." And then added, snippily, "And head-off the Democrats from pushing for a Special Prosecutor." "Are you sure you'... ...ide of the aisle." "1 thank the Senator," O'Brien, the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts said. "I, for one, am looking forward to these hearing... ...s and plans for the Department of Energy. " "The Chair thanks the Senator from Massachusetts for his re­ marks. Are there any other statements befor... ...n. The Republican Senators stared at them with apprehension, while some of the Democrats licked their lips. Hacker reminded the assembly that any o... ...ebuilding of America, in some form or another. The political left applauded the Democrats for being at the forefront of such a catastrophe and prese...

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