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Democracy in America

By: Alexis de Tocqueville

...he Hudson; they are now six in number: 1, Connecticut; 2, Rhode Island; 3, Massachusetts; 4, V ermont; 5, New Hamp- shire; 6, Maine. 49 Tocqueville m... ...verbatim *See “Pitkin’s History,” p, 35. See the “History of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay,” by Hutchinson, vol. i. p. 9. **See “Pitkin’s History,” ... ...n, vol. i. p. 9. **See “Pitkin’s History,” pp. 42, 47. *The inhabitants of Massachusetts had deviated from the forms which are preserved in the crimin... ... 435, 456, the analysis of the penal code adopted in 1648 by the Colony of Massachusetts: this code is drawn up on the same prin- ciples as that of Co... ...w which, on September 13, 1644, banished the Anabaptists from the State of Massachusetts. (“Historical Collection of State Papers,” vol. i. p. 538.) S... ... The Republi- cans are the representatives of the old Federalists, and the Democrats of the old Republicans. – T rans. Note (1861). 200 Democracy in ...

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