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The Power in You

By: Wally Amos

...cret Ingredients for Inner Strength FalllOUS AlllOS THE .-....- OWER IN au SECRET INGREDIENTS FOR INNER STRENGTH Famous Amos THE OWER... ... au SECRET INGREDIENTS FOR INNER STRENGTH Famous Amos THE OWER IN OU by Wally Amos and Gregory Amos f)I..I:' DONALD I. FINE, INC. ~ ... ...se, you and only you are responsible for your attitude. Your attitude is established by what you say and do. Your actions are determined by what yo... ...te a cheerful world for yourself; be happy and have fun. We have already established that in life we all have a choice. Why not choose to be happy,... ...reas of their lives. But through Literacy Volunteers of America and other groups that are working to wipe out illiteracy, people are proving they c... ... us a long time to discover we are more than our title or our career. In 1978, I began to get in touch with my inner self and view life from a spir... ...brary was preparing me for an opportunity to give in a very big way. In 1978, my friend and business associate, John Rosica, told me about a frien... .... A musician hears notes in his mind, imag, ines them, before composing a musical score. An author mentally weaves a cast of characters and plots ...

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