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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

... only accumulate on top of each other. The Iron Age plows of India pulled by draft animals mingle with steam engines, internal combustion engines an... ...e third ball for the second runner, the fourth ball for the third runner, and picks up the first ball to tag out the fourth runner… Will that be con... ... all around the world: many, many cultures still women are used as slaves and draft animal to do all the hard labour to haul wood and water, care aft... ...n the sun and talk. Their women are kept illiterate, ignorant, and working as draft animals and slaves all their lives. Why? Because as far as t... ...s card: and the machine slides out the money, or pumps the gas. Or the human picks up the phone and a machine answers telling him to push a button, ... ...s and Aristocrats. The rich instantly realized their mistake. They went to Philadelphia; determined that it would never happen again. Determined... ...agnant swamp of corruption. The Capital of America was supposed to have been Philadelphia… called The City o of Brotherly Love. That token lie coul... ...Splitness Chapter Seven: Entities and the Alternative The undead of the flyers dominated the undead of the tree-bound reptile-birds. Now you c... ... And since when do wasps fly in a group together at all? Wasps are solitary flyers. Where did they learn to do this? Who taught them to do this?...

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