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Empire and Wars

By: Sam Vaknin

...p On the Road to Iraq – Central and East Europe I. EU and NATO – The Competing Alliances II. The Euro-Atlantic Divide III. Russia Straddles th... ...pe, but less so than before. It is utterly detested by the Muslim street, even in "progressive" Arab countries, such as Egypt and Jordan. Everyone ... ...in his anti-Russian days. Normally the outcomes of expedience, the Ugly American's alliances and allegiances shift kaleidoscopically. Pakistan and ... ...d the same. The global spread of American influence through its culture, political alliances, science and multinationals is merely an extrapolation... ...ife, which of its essence requires and presupposes qualification, one can note the progressive triumph of the pseudo-intellectual, unqualified, unq... ...alestine, Syria, Egypt and North Africa. As Rome's sphere of interests and orbit of alliances widened to include ever growing segments of the world,... ...pled successor, Byzantium. The modus operandi of the United States involves ad-hoc alliances with indigenous warlords, drug czars, terrorists, guer... ...are off the radar screen of the Bush administration, accuses Edward Gresser of the Progressive Policy Institute in a recently published report titl...

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