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Chicago Manual of Style

By: University of Chicago

...orm; in the present state of the agitation for the improvement of spelling, progressive conservatism has been thought to be more appropriate for an ... ... Battle of Gettysburg; Peace of Utrecht, Louisiana Purchase. 14. Political alliances, and such terms from secular or ecclesiastical history as have... ...ns for parties, classes, movements, etc. (see 7) : Protestant League, Holy Alliance, Dreibund; the Roses, the Roundheads, Independents, Independenc... ... 57; spacing of, 254. . . AKpmot, quotation marks to be cleared" in, 80. Alliances, political, capitalization of names of, 14. Alphabetizing of ... ...tiond, 9,ro; of philosophical, literary, and &tic schools, 7; of political alliances I+; of political divisions, 4, 5; of:pobt~cal parties, 7; of ... ...run into ;he text, 75. Point system, explanation of, aga, a33. Political: alliances, capitalization of names of, 14; divisions, 4, 5; organization...

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