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Report on Orphan Works

By: Library of Congress

...ice of General Counsel, composed the team that performed the research and analysis for the study, and drafted many sections of the Report. David Car... ...y Rasenberger, Policy Advisor for Special Programs, provided research and analysis in the early stages of this project. Todd Schnitzer, Sharmili Ha... ...er groups. Thus, there is good evidence that the orphan works problem is real and warrants attention, and none of the commenters made any serious a... ...practice, most cases will not be so neatly defined, and a user may have a real choice among several alternatives that allow her to go forward with h... ... recommendations. 9 Our conclusions are: • The orphan works problem is real. • The orphan works problem is elusive to quantify and describe comp... ...d Illustrators); 17 Analysis of data on trends in copyright registrations and renewals over the... ...While practical experience and numerous anecdotal examples suggested very real problems because of unidentifiable or unlocatable copyright owners, t... ...asserting that many cannot afford such searches, especially given the very real prospect of a refusal of permission or otherwise no clear authority t... ... still have not given permission to use the works). 61 See Orphan Works Analysis and Proposal, Center for the Study of the Public Domain, Duke Law...

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