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Laws of Destiny Never Disappear : Culture of Thailand in the Postlocal World

By: Matti Sarmela

...technology Continental states - universal technosystems - Internet, global networks - universal science - global databases ('World Brain') - global hi... ...Today we ask, what does a global person identify with, what are his safety networks? Will local morality be replaced by biological morality, and will ... ... cultural environment. In virtual reality, the Internet, cyber- and global networks, man of the future is able to live simultaneously in different par... ...es and they are like summer cottages, holiday homes of the rich. We have a television set and the young people watch it, but I don't care to watch. So... ...do you like most? watch it. I stopped watching TV many years ago. I think television is a good thing. You can see the news from our home country and ... ...s a good thing to buy and you have something to boast about when you own a television. I think that TV programmes are mostly good. It's our human natu... ...arn a lot of foreign affairs. I don't think there are any disadvantages to television. The only drawback is that it can't be left on in a What about u... ... of house. Which do you think is the best? In this next picture, there's a television set, telephone, radio, typewriter, and all kinds of goods. Which... ... rise and fall of the water; house building style, irrigation canals, the networks of dammed paddy fields were adapted to the nature of riversides, ...

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