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The Marketing of Ideas and Social Issues

By: Seymour Fine

... so on. A transaction takes place, for example, when a person decides to watch a television program; he is exchanging his time for entertainment. ... ...tamate in baby food, fatty hot dogs, unclean fish, tractors, medical X-rays, color television radiation and many Federal agencies. Another change a... ...tion. Bagozzi (1975) points out that "an exchange can occur between a person and a television program.” The "person gives his attention, support, p... ...ngth of weak ties." This concept has grown out of sociological research on social networks. It is a fact that one's particular communication netwo... ...ak ties of friendship and acquaintance, although the commitment to ideas from such networks may be quite shallow and may lead to compliance only when... ...omething, the channel is word of mouth; if I place a public service announcement on television, the channel is the mass media (see Chapter 7). Au... ...he present context, information is the product. In fact, because a newspaper or a television screen can not deliver an actual product, media are ent...

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