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Voices from the Past

By: Paul Alexander Bartlett

...nomads—borrowing a white camel, a day or two. Father says “she was a real princess on that camel!” They hid in a hutment from Herod’s men, his troops... ...e left our horses at the stable, Francesco asked: “Did I mention that the Princess de Lamballe has a son? He’s my age. He wants to study painting. D... ...at San Vittore: I need artists, sculptors, apprentices, courtiers, women, princes, jousting, masques, jewelry, perfume... I need great art. I need a... ...helangelo was absent. A while ago Niccolò Machiavelli wrote me from his Tuscan farm, where he is still exiled from Florence. His disturbing though... .... Watching him, listening to him, I forget the tedious round of courses. Princesse de Lamballe, sitting beside me, a lovely woman in her forties, d... ... sol la mi fa remirare, la sol mi fa sollecita. Tomorrow is my birthday. Princess d’Arezzo will wear a gold mask I designed for her. Pity to hide b...

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