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By: Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

...thout Pythagoras his Metempsychosis it can not rightly be translated. The Tuscan altiloquence, the Venus of the French, the sharpe state of the Span... ...into extreame sorrow. This might well be compared to that which one of our Princes was lately seene to doe, who being at Trent, and receiving newes o... ...mongst the lawes that regard the deceased, that which ties the actions of Princes to be examined when they are dea d, seemes to me verie solid. They... ...ar commodities unto nations that observe it, and to be desired of all good Princes: who have cause to complaine that the memorie of the wicked is use... ... but with other customes of his, hee had this one much contrarie to other Princes, who to dispatch their weightiest affaires make often their close-s... ... Affrike, they held as farre as Ægypt; and of Europes length, as farre as Tuscanie: and that they undertooke to invade Asia, and to subdue all the n... ...m, he should never misse to fall upon some idiome of the countrie, either Tuscan, Roman, Venetian, Piemontoise, or Neapolitan; and amongst so many s... ...ountry of Liege they make more account of the Bathes of Luca; and they of Tuscany esteeme the Baths of Spawe more than their owne. In Rome the Fence... ...ssays Germany and Loraine: those of Baden in Switzerland; those of Luca in Tuscanie; and especially those of della Villa, which I have used most ofte...

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