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7 Scorpions : Rebellion

By: Mike Saxton

...hing vibrates and brain waves and thought paterns can be measured by this vibration. The frequency might not be one that you would typically look fo... ...computer. We also think we may have identifed a transmiter that sends out vibrations that trigger a fear reaction.” Talbot leaned forward, arms cros... ... quite some time now with modifying reactions from people by manipulating vibrations in the quantum feld. I have to say that the Seekers are an exam... ... example of a great success. The chip has a small antenna which sends out vibrations that induce fear reactions in humans. Unless you know what to l... ... through our nervous systems. It has but one purpose…to give the opposite vibration to the fear that is sent out from the Seekers. It completely cou... ...9 7 Scorpions: Rebellion “Lord Zodiac projects it naturally. We copied the vibration. He has quite the gif, his telepathy. His ability to draw memori... ..., op- posing element that allows him to counteract the efects of the fear vibrations.” “His sixth sense,” Lexi thought to herself but did not speak o... ...may be able to construct a device that will allow you to reverse the fear vibrations from the Seekers, allowing your fear-feeling companions to stan... ... were right about the Seeker fear aura. The chip in their heads sends out vibrations that trigger 264 Mike Saxton fear responses. He said he could ...

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