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Today's Take on Einstein's Relativity

By: Homer B. Titon and Florentin Smarandache

... polarization refers to the direction and characteristics of the light wave vibration; - if one uses the entanglement phenomenon, in order to tran... ...molecules, and crystals have an orbital or energy structure that depends on vibrations or waves, apparently trapped in a potential, while planets, m... ...metric shapes, local curvature (the equivalent of a potential), and natural vibrations on the ("new') geometric shapes. These new ideas can account ... ... Light is an infinite extent space-form structure which carries energy as a vibration which moves along its infinite extent space-form. Within a met... ... The neutron gives the infinite extent light space-form its energetic (or vibration) signature. That is, the neutrino's infinite extent is rela... ...ansition, so that the energy identifying toral (neutron-like) shape forms a vibrational spherical shell which moves along the infinite extent (light... ...ectral set for the periodic functions. Spectra - The natural lengths of vibration of a physical system. Sets of space-forms can also identify sp... ...us. Resonance - A property that two systems (that have the same natural vibrations) have, such that one of these systems will start vibrating wh... ...ric, namely, the usual formula of Pythagoras. Eigenvalues - The natural vibrations of a physical system, eg the natural lengths of vibration of ...

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