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Man with No Name

By: Wally Amos

...getic young man like me, being courteous sometimes got in the way of the games my friends and I were playing. It was like having a job, the only di... ...e acknowledged. Some days it took more than nine innings to get through a game. But this was the law of the land-Ruby's land. And there was no brea... ...b making new friends and reconciling myself to high school procedures and terminology. But it was fun, stockpiling recipes and learning my way aroun... ...to the pool hall where Bill hung out and changed his life forever. Over a game I Reached for the Sky But I Missed, So I Grabbed a Few Stars • 89 t... ...r annual convention. In lieu of a fee, he agreed to produce a promotional video of my pre­ sentation at no cost to me. 122 • Man with No Name Afte... ... to get me to notice a better path. The day after I wrapped up a training video for Cities in Schools, Christine, Sarah and I attended a rumble sale...

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