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The History of Henry Esmond, Esq. : A Colonel in the Service of Her Majesty Queen Anne : Written by Himself

By: William Makepeace Thackeray

...shall henceforth call Viscount Castlewood here, was H. R. H. the Prince of Wales, born in the same year and month with Frank, and just proclaimed at S... ...to arrest him in a midnight prank; he gave a dinner-party on the Prince of Wales’s birthday, which was within a fortnight of his own, and the twenty y... ...d him. Castlewood, I have said, was born in the same year as the Prince of Wales; had not a little of the Prince’s air, height, and figure; and, espec... ...hat which the leaders here were only talking about; to bring the Prince of Wales into the country openly in the face of all, under Bolingbroke’s very ... ... And galloping by the Prince’s side the Colonel explained to the Prince of Wales what his movements had been; who the friends were that knew of the ex... ...bove stairs, and spoke confi- dently of having him proclaimed as Prince of Wales and heir to the throne before that day was over. The Bishop had enter... ...ur again; and had the King not chosen to ride to Castlewood, the Prince of Wales might have slept at St. James’s.” “‘Sdeath! gentlemen,” says the Prin... ...greatest names of this kingdom were as- sembled to accompany the Prince of Wales, who might have been the acknowledged heir of the throne, or the poss...

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