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Title: Quadratic  
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Subject: Daria Khaltourina
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In mathematics, the term quadratic describes something that pertains to squares, to the operation of squaring, to terms of the second degree, or equations or formulas that involve such terms. Quadratus is Latin for square.


  • Mathematics 1
  • Computer science 2
  • Other 3
  • See also 4


Algebra (elementary and abstract)
  • Quadratic function (or Quadratic polynomial), a polynomial function that contains terms of at most second degree
  • Quadratic equation, a polynomial equation of degree 2 (reducible to 0 = ax2 + bx + c)
  • Quadratic formula, calculation to solve a quadratric equation for the independent variable (x)
  • Quadratic field, an algebraic number field of degree two over the field of rational numbers
  • Quadratic irrational or "quadratic surd", an irrational number that is a root of a quadratic polynomial
Statistics and stochastics
Number theory

Computer science

  • Quadratic probing, a scheme in computer programming for resolving collisions in hash tables.
  • Quadratic classifier, used in machine learning to separate measurements of two or more classes of objects
  • Quadratic time, in referring to algorithms with quadratic time complexity


See also

  • Quad
  • Cubic, relating to a cube or degree 3, as next higher above quadratic
  • Linear, relating to a line or degree 1, as next lower below quadratic
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