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Waterloo Hawks

Waterloo Hawks
Waterloo Hawks logo
Conference Western (1948–50)
Division Western Division
Founded 1948
History Folded
Arena McElroy Auditorium (Waterloo Hippodrome)
Location Waterloo, Iowa
Team colors Black, Gold, and White
Team manager Unknown
Head coach Charley Shipp (1948–1950)
Jack Smiley (1950–1951)
Ownership P.L. "Pinkie" George
Affiliation(s) None
Championships 0
Conference titles 0
Division titles 0

The Waterloo Hawks were a National Basketball League and National Basketball Association team based in Waterloo, Iowa. The Hawks remain the only sports franchise ever based in Iowa from any of the current Big Four Leagues. (The Keokuk Westerns of the National Association played one year of baseball in 1875; however, this league is not a direct ancestor of any current league, and there is debate as to whether or not to count the league as a major league.)


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Franchise history

An autographed program from the Waterloo Hawks 1949-50 season.

The Waterloo Hawks were founded in 1948, playing in the National Basketball League. In 1949, the National Basketball League was absorbed by its rival, the Basketball Association of America, forming the National Basketball Association; the Hawks were thus a founding member of the NBA. In the 1949–1950 season, their first and last in the NBA, they finished 19–43, fifth out of six in the Western Division. In 1950–51, the Hawks moved to the National Professional Basketball League. The original owner was P.L. "Pinkie" George.

Season-by-season records

|- !colspan="6"|Waterloo Hawks (NBL) |- |1948–49 || 30 || 32 || .484 || N/A || N/A |- !colspan="6"|Waterloo Hawks (NBA) |- |1949–50 || 19 || 43 || .306 || N/A || N/A |- !colspan="6"|Waterloo Hawks (NPBL) |- |1950–51 || 32 || 24 || .571 || N/A || N/A |- |}

Waterloo Hawks All-Time Coaches

Waterloo Hawks All-Time Roster


Player No. Position Years for Hawks School/Club Team
Harry Boykoff 13 Center 1949–50 St. John's
Don Boven 12 Forward 1949–50 Western Michigan


Player No. Position Years for Hawks School/Club Team
Paul Cloyd 12 Guard/Forward 1949–50 Wisconsin


Player No. Position Years for Hawks School/Club Team
Elmer Gainer 14 Forward/Center 1949–50 DePaul
Ward "Hoot" Gibson 14 Forward/Center 1949–50 Creighton


Player No. Position Years for Hawks School/Club Team
Dale Hamilton 14 Guard/Forward 1949–50 Franklin College


Player No. Position Years for Hawks School/Club Team
Leo Kubiak 4 Guard 1949–50 Bowling Green


Player No. Position Years for Hawks School/Club Team
Richard "Dick" Mehen 7 Forward/Center 1949–50 Tennessee
Ken Menke ?? Guard 1949–50 Illinois
Al Miksis 10 Center 1949–50 Western Illinois


Player No. Position Years for Hawks School/Club Team
Moe Ollrich 3 Guard 1949–50 Drake
Johnny Orr 9 Forward 1949–50 Beloit College


Player No. Position Years for Hawks School/Club Team
Stan Patrick 8 Guard/Forward 1949–50 Illinois
Johnny Payak 5 Guard/Forward 1949–50 Bowling Green
Jack Phelan 9 Forward 1949–50 DePaul
John Pritchard 11 Center 1949–50 Drake


Player No. Position Years for Hawks School/Club Team
Wayne See 6 Guard 1949–50 Northern Arizona
Charley Shipp 5 Guard/Forward 1949–50 Catholic
Jack Smiley 10 Guard/Forward 1949–50 Illinois
Gene Stump ?? Guard/Forward 1949–50 DePaul


Player No. Position Years for Hawks School/Club Team
Robert "Bob" Tough 3 Guard/Forward 1949–50 St. John's

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