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Tim Cresswell

Tim Cresswell is a human geographer and Professor of History and International Affairs at Northeastern University, Boston. He is the author of five books on the role of place and mobility in cultural life, co-editor of four collections and managing editor of the journal, "cultural geographies".Tim Cresswell is also a poet and the author of two collections published by Penned in the Margins "Soil" (2013) and "Fence" (2015).


After attending Woolverstone Hall School, he received his B.A. from University College London before undertaking his postgraduate education at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he was awarded his Ph.D. in 1992, supervised by the renowned humanistic geographer Yi-Fu Tuan. He returned to the UK, teaching at the University of Wales, Lampeter until 1999, the University of Wales, Aberystwyth until 2006 and Royal Holloway, University of London until 2013.. He was awarded a second Ph.D (in Creative Writing) in 2015 by Royal Holloway, University of London.


His research interests are in social and cultural geography, specifically geographies of mobility, such as walking, ballroom dance, and international airports, and their role in shaping cultural outlooks.

Cresswell's best-known work is In Place/Out of Place (1996) which discusses notions of place and practices of resistance that may shape them, illustrating his arguments with case studies of graffiti in New York City and the protests at Greenham Common in the 1980s among other examples. His book The Tramp in America (2001) describes the intervention of the tramp as a social type in the United States between 1869 and 1939. Place: A Short Introduction (2004) provides a succinct introduction to the themes that he has researched. His book, On the Move: Mobility in the Modern Western World (2006) considers mobility in sites such as the workplace, the dancefloor and the international airport. His recent book "Geographic Thought: A Critical Introduction" (2013) provides an introduction to the history of theory in geography. Cresswell's paper "Towards a Politics of Mobility" published in 2010 in Environment and Planning D has been the journal's most downloaded paper for four consecutive years Environment and Planning D most downloaded papers. This paper is ranked among the top 1% of all social science papers for citations according to Web of Science and the ESRC [1].


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