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Double Switch (video game)


Double Switch (video game)

Double Switch

Double Switch PC cover

Developer(s) Digital Pictures
Publisher(s) Sega (Sega Mega-CD)
Digital Pictures (Saturn & PC)
Platform(s) Sega Mega-CD, Saturn, PC
Release date(s) Mega-CD/Sega CD
  • JP March 24, 1994
Genre(s) Adventure, Interactive movie
Mode(s) Single player
Distribution CD-ROM (2)

Double Switch is an adventure interactive movie video game released for Sega Mega-CD, Sega Saturn and PC. The game is produced by Digital Pictures and has a similar "trap-em-up" format to Space Panic, Heiankyo Alien, and their earlier game, Night Trap.


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The game takes place in a large and old apartment complex called the Edward Arms where a young man named Eddie has been locked in the basement, and needs your help to get him out. Each member of the building has their own plot line that overlaps into the main plot line. In the first level you have to quickly move from the various cameras Eddie has placed throughout the building in order to trap the various Mafia hit men and secret society assassins wandering around the building. You also have to get the security codes to free Eddie that the mobsters will preview at certain points during the game. At various points in the game, Eddie will berate you if you fail to get the codes or capture a certain number of mafia men, eventually resulting in an automatic game over if he warns you too many times. In the subsequent levels you learn that the Mafia hit men and secret society assassins are trying to locate a valuable Egyptian artifact, and that they are willing to do anything it takes, even kill the various other tenants in the building to get what they want. Around this time a mummy will appear and attempt to steal the statue, and you must rely on the handyman to activate hidden alcove traps to stop the mummy. If done correctly, the mummy is revealed to be Eddie himself and the game then moves to act 3 where you must protect the tenants from Eddie's rampage. If done correctly, the player will receive the best ending, in which the statue is revealed to be a key to opening a giant treasury within the complex itself. Afterwards, someone (presumably Eddie) takes the statue out of the lock to the treasury, resealing it. What ultimately happens after that is unknown as the screen then fades to black and the credits roll.


Eddie: Eddie is the main character of the story. He is trapped in the basement at the beginning of the game, and he makes it your job to free him. At first Eddie is viewed as the protagonist but as time goes on, he slowly reveals himself to be insane and attempts to kill the tenants over the statue. If you get the best ending of the game, Eddie accidentally opens a trap door, trapping himself back in the basement. When somebody takes out the statue from the lock to reseal the treasury, however, it is assumed to be Eddie.

Lyle (the handyman): Lyle is first looked upon as an antagonist, but after Eddie escapes from the basement, he reveals that Eddie is not mentally healthy and must be stopped. If played correctly, Lyle will begin opening new traps that can be used to stop Eddie's rampage. Late in Act 2, it is revealed that Lyle is actually Eddie's father.

Elizabeth: Eddie's mother who is dressed as Nefertiti, is obsessed with proving that her son is not at all bad, and she is in denial about Eddie's insanity.

Alex: Her full name being Alexandra, she is a young woman who is currently doing a report on the Edward Arms. She has a romantic crush on Eddie, but her life is put into danger when she reveals to Eddie the truth of her being there.

Brutus: Recently released from prison, Brutus is an older man whose father, we are told, helped build the Edward Arms and knew all of its secrets. Brutus claims his father said there was treasure buried in the building. Brutus has made it his task to find the treasure and hopefully pay off his past debts.

Phoebe and Laura (the "Grads"): Two young women living together as roommates. Phoebe discovers the statue and finds the link between the statue, the building, and the Egyptian treasury. Phoebe's life is soon put into danger as she attempts to protect the statue. Not much is revealed about Laura except that she is Jeff's girlfriend.

Jeff: Jeff is the leader of his band named Scream (their room is listed as "Band"). They are trying to get noticed and have scheduled an audition. Jeff is lucky enough to get Scream its first break, however, his life is soon put into danger as he is pulled into the dark conspiracy behind the statue.

Luigi and the mob: Luigi is a member of a local mafia; he and his thugs have infiltrated the building to collect an amount of money from, and kill, Brutus. After realizing that something is amiss in the building, they remain to investigate. The thugs are to be trapped and the player spends most of the game trapping them.

The Scroll and Key Society: Seen in Act 1, but not revealed until Act 2, the Scroll and Key Society is a group of green clad individuals in dark sunglasses who have come to the building on behalf of Lionel Edward's legacy (Elizabeth's father), whom they claim was a prominent society member. These members are looked upon as intruders and the player is to trap them as they trap the thugs.



The Windows, Sega Saturn, and Mac editions were released later with enhanced video quality and Eddie's references to the Sega Genesis controller removed, though a TV in the game shows a screenshot from the Sega CD version no matter what version is being played.


Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the Sega CD version a 6 out of 10, describing it as "like Night Trap, [but] a little more involving".[1]


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