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Promoter may refer to:

  • Promoter (entertainment), one who makes arrangements for events
  • Tour promoter, individuals or companies responsible for organizing a live concert tour or special event performance
  • Corporate promoter, an entity who takes active steps in the formation, organization, or financing of a corporation
  • Promoter (genetics), a regulatory region of DNA usually located upstream of a gene, providing a control point for regulated gene transcription
  • Promoter (catalysis), an accelerator of a catalyst, though not a catalyst itself
  • Promoter (role variant), one of the sixteen personality types of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter
  • Promoter (Catholic church), an office of the Catholic Church such as Promoter of the Laity, Promoter of Peace and Justice, or Promoter of the Faith (also known as the Devil's advocate)
  • Promotor (Dutch, Belgian, or German academia), a full professor of a Dutch, Flanders, or German university who formally promotes a PhD candidate to doctor, and is (formally) the principal supervisor during the doctoral research.
  • The Promoter, also known as The Card
  • The Promoter (2012 film)
  • Promotor (typeface), a typeface supplied bij Joh. Enschede

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