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Minister of Climate and the Environment

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Title: Minister of Climate and the Environment  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Børge Brende, Thorbjørn Berntsen, Rolf Arthur Hansen, Wenche Frogn Sellæg, Sissel Rønbeck
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Minister of Climate and the Environment

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway
Klima- og Miljøvernministeren
Tine Sundtoft

since 16 October 2013
Ministry of the Environment
Member of Council of State
Seat Oslo
Nominator Prime Minister
Appointer Monarch
with approval of Parliament
Term length No fixed length
Constituting instrument Constitution of Norway
Formation 8 May 1972
First holder Olav Gjærevoll
Deputy State secretaries at the Ministry of the Environment
Website Official website

The Minister of Climate and the Environment (Norwegian: Klima- og miljøministeren) is a Councilor of State and Chief of Norway's Ministry of the Environment. Since 16 October 2013 the position has been held by Tine Sundtoft of the Conservative Party.[1] The ministry is responsible for environmental issues, including influencing environmental impacts on other ministries.[2] Subordinate agencies include the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the Polar Institute, the Environment Agency and the Mapping Authority.[3]

The minister and minister post were established on 8 May 1972. The title was known as the Minister of the Environment until 2013.[4] Nineteen people from six parties have held the position. Thorbjørn Berntsen of the Labour Party has held the position the longest, a week short of seven years. Gro Harlem Bruntland, who held the position for five years, later became Prime Minister. Erik Solheim of the Socialist Left Party held the position concurrently with being Minister of International Development.[5]


The following lists the minister, their party, date of assuming and leaving office, their tenure in years and days, and the cabinet they served in.

      Centre Party
      Conservative Party
      Christian Democratic Party
      Labour Party
      Liberal Pary
      Socialist Left Party


Photo Name Party Took office Left office Tenure Cabinet Ref
Gjærevoll, OlavOlav Gjærevoll Labour 8 May 1972 18 August 1972 0 year, 155 days Bratteli I [6]
Haugeland, TrygveTrygve Haugeland Centre 18 August 1972 5 March 1973 1 year, 60 days Korvald [7]
Gitmark, HelgaHelga Gitmark Centre 5 March 1973 16 October 1973 1 year, 60 days Korvald [7]
Halvorsen, TorTor Halvorsen Labour 16 October 1973 6 September 1974 2 years, 93 days Bratteli II [8]
Brundtland, Gro HarlemGro Harlem Brundtland Labour 6 September 1974 8 October 1979 2 years, 93 days Bratteli II
Hansen, Rolf ArthurRolf Arthur Hansen Labour 8 October 1979 14 October 1981 2 years, 269 days Nordli
Brundtland I
Sellæg, Wenche FrognWenche Frogn Sellæg Conservative 14 October 1981 8 June 1983 1 year, 248 days Willoch I [11]
Surlien, RakelRakel Surlien Centre 8 June 1983 9 May 1986 2 years, 336 days Willoch II [11]
Rønbeck, SisselSissel Rønbeck Labour 9 May 1986 16 October 1989 3 years, 162 days Brundtland II [12]
Valla, Kristin HilleKristin Hille Valla Centre 16 October 1989 3 November 1990 1 year, 19 days Syse [13]
Berntsen, ThorbjørnThorbjørn Berntsen Labour 3 November 1990 17 October 1997 7 years, 342 days Brundtland III
Fjellanger, GuroGuro Fjellanger Liberal 17 October 1997 21 March 2000 2 year, 157 days Bondevik I [16]
Bjerke, SiriSiri Bjerke Labour 21 March 2000 19 October 2001 1 year, 213 days Stoltenberg I [17]
Brende, BørgeBørge Brende Conservative 19 October 2001 18 June 2004 2 years, 212 days Bondevik II [18]
Hareide, Knut ArildKnut Arild Hareide Christian Democratic 18 June 2004 17 October 2005 1 years, 152 days Bondevik II [18]
Bjørnøy, HelenHelen Bjørnøy Socialist Left 17 October 2005 18 October 2007 2 years, 1 days Stoltenberg II [5]
Solheim, ErikErik Solheim Socialist Left 20 October 2007 23 March 2012 4 years, 158 days Stoltenberg II [5]
Solhjell, Bård VegarBård Vegar Solhjell Socialist Left 23 March 2012 16 October 2013 2 years, 318 days Stoltenberg II [5]
Sundtoft, TineTine Sundtoft Conservative 16 October 2013 present Solberg [1]


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