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Title: Kutar  
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Kutar (クター) is a Japanese internet character made by Giga-Rensya.

Today, due to the variety of games and the uniqueness of the characters Kutar has to offer, its popularity is spreading around the globe, including parts of China, Korea, and the United States.
There are many unique characters.


  • Introduction 1
    • Techno Island 1.1
  • Personalities and Characters 2
    • Kutar 2.1
    • Cherry 2.2
    • Smoke 2.3
    • Knavy 2.4
    • Brosso 2.5
    • Grape 2.6
    • Cheek 2.7
    • Lowné 2.8
    • Papakutar 2.9
    • Torakutar 2.10
    • Pikakutar 2.11
    • Mogyu 2.12
    • Nyugyu 2.13
    • Prets 2.14
    • Dr. Kutar & Robokutar 2.15
  • Games 3
    • PC Mini Game 3.1
    • Web Game 3.2
    • Web Game Mini 3.3
    • Web Game Big 3.4
  • Accessories 4
    • Wallpapers 4.1
    • Screensavers 4.2
    • Software 4.3
  • Goods 5
  • Mobile 6
    • Games 6.1
    • Wallpapers 6.2
    • Ring Tones 6.3
    • Prizes 6.4
    • Flash 6.5
    • Web Contents 6.6
  • External links 7


"Kutars" are very intelligent characters that have no facial expressions whatsoever.

They are not cats, nor dogs, nor bears. They are Kutars, wherever they go, whatever they do.

Although they have no expression, they do have emotions such as joy, love, and sorrow.

Techno Island

Kutars live on an island named Techno Island, which has highly advanced technology.

However, who actually developed the technology still remains a mystery.

Structures seem to pop up all over the island without the inhabitants noticing it. However, the Kutars on the island do not seem to care.

It is a care-free dream island where time flows slowly.

Personalities and Characters


Personality: Challenger, passionate, friendly, likes meeting new people
Favorite Food: Apples
Bio: He is full of intellectual curiosity, hard-working and results-driven.


Personality: Loves talking and eating
Favorite Food: Pumpkin pie
Bio: She is Kutar's girlfriend.


Personality: Rises above the influence, always well-prepared
Favorite Food: Tuna
Bio: Usually quiet, but can be naive sometimes.


Personality: Neat & organized hard worker
Favorite Food: Boiled food
Bio: Looks serious, but is actually quite absent-minded. Secretly loves Cherry.


Personality: Bright and cheerful, but a bit impatient
Favorite Food: Gelato
Bio: He loves to run, and is always running around.


Personality: Calm and quiet, goes at his own pace
Favorite Food: Tea
Bio: Always carefree. He loves to sleep.


Personality: Cares about fashion
Favorite Food: Strawberry tart
Bio: Cherry's friend. They often go shopping together.


Personality: A bit self-centered
Favorite Food: Lactic acid beverage
Bio: Smoke's girlfriend. The fur on her neck is a present from Smoke.


Personality: Calm and reliable
Favorite Food: Anpan
Bio: Full of knowledge.


Personality: High pride, but shy
Favorite Food: Corn flakes
Bio: Doesn't appear very often, and is a rare kutar.


Personality: Starts to shine when he's in a good mood
Favorite Food: Daifuku
Bio: An extremely rare kutar.


Personality: Aggressive
Favorite Food: Fresh grass
Bio: He's unstoppable when set loose. Eats lots of grass.


Personality: Usually calm, but sometimes aggressive
Favorite Food: Dried corn
Bio: Gets along well with Mogyu.


Character made by GIGA-RENSYA for a Japanese domain register site.

Dr. Kutar & Robokutar

Characters made by GIGA-RENSYA for CNET Japan


There are two types of Kutar games: PC Mini Games, which are downloadable, and Web Games, which can be played right on the site. Web Game Mini, also known as MiniMini Games, are Web Games which feature various Kutar characters.

PC Mini Game

  • Kutar's Athletic World
  • Kutar's Tabipero
  • Kutar's Baseball V (Limited Time Release)
  • Kutar's Concertstaff
  • Kutar's Sanma (for magazine subscribers only)
  • Kutar's Endroll UNI (for magazine subscribers only)
  • Kutar's Musasabi
  • Kutar's Powder
  • Kutar's T-shirt
  • Kutar's Balloon
  • Kutar's Manufacture
  • Kutar's Lift X
  • Kutar's Endroll
  • Kutar's Rocket 3D
  • Kutar's Chanbara Sword Master
  • Kutar's Santa
  • Kutar's Apple
  • Kutar's Harvest
  • Kutar's Q Sea (for magazine subscribers only)
  • Kutar's Tuberider
  • Kutar's Rocket
  • Kutar's Child Match
  • Kutar's Baseball
  • Kutar's Ikki VS Edition
  • Kutar's Hip Dance
  • Kutar's Q
  • Kutar's Rodeo
  • Kutar's Lift
  • Kutar's Ikki
  • Kutar's Jump Rope

Web Game

  • Kutar's Soft Ice-Cream
  • Kutar's Deep Challenge
  • Cherry's Ocean Woman
  • Kutar's Stamp
  • Kutar's ↑↑(Up Up) Disco 3upup tune!
  • Kutar's E-DANCE
  • Kutar's eco2
  • Kutar's Window
  • Kutar's Bon Dance Christmas Version
  • Navy's Bubble Wrap Kai
  • Kutar's Bon Dance
  • Kutar's Warashibe R
  • Kutar's Summer Collection
  • Kutar's Ringo Rich Taste
  • Kutar's Ringo
  • Kutar's Q Pra
  • Kutar's Spring
  • Kutar's Shampoo
  • Kutar's Hoihoi mini
  • Kutar's Warashibe
  • Kutar's Ana
  • Kutar's 10 Key
  • Kutar's QS
  • Kutar's Hula Hoop

Web Game Mini

  • UFO's Moo Moo Catcher
  • Kutar's Bamboo Tropical
  • Kutar's Jump Rope Tropical
  • Kutar's Inchworm
  • Cherry's Miko Omikuji
  • Navy's STEALTH
  • Kutar's Techno Janken
  • Smoke&Lowne's TURBO
  • Kutar's B Ball 2
  • Nyugyu's MILK
  • Summer Prince's Parasol Dive
  • Summer Prince's Ice Cream Shop
  • Navy's Bubble Wrap
  • Kutar & Cherry's Ikki LOVE
  • Brosso's Wall Kick
  • Cherry's Throw Life
  • Mogyu's Snowball Roll
  • Smoke's Drag Race
  • Navy's Pants
  • Cheek's Trampoline
  • Papakutar's Poyon
  • Grape's Tea Drink
  • Lowné's Staring Contest
  • Brosso's Giri Giri
  • Kutar's Put Sand

Web Game Big

  • Kutar's Dungeon Level 1
  • Kutar Adventure


There are also various Kutar accessories.




  • Kutar's Calendar
  • Kutar's Dangle
  • Kutar's Mushroom
  • Kutar's TekuTeku Desktop
  • Kutar's TekuTeku Type-T (secret)
  • Kutar's Timer
  • Kutar's Fortune-telling Slot
  • Kutar's BuyoBuyo


There are numerous Kutar goods that have been made, most of which are currently sold out due to their extreme popularity and limited quantity.

  • T-shirts
  • Cups
  • Masu
  • Fans
  • Baby&Infant Clothing
  • Cushions&Pillows
  • Towels
  • Bags&Pouches
  • Kutar's Typing World
  • Kutar Printables
  • I Love Kutar
  • I Love Kutar Postcards
  • Cell Phone Straps (Sold Out)
  • Keychains (Sold Out)
  • Ticket Holders (Sold Out)
  • Dolls (L, M, S) (Sold Out)
  • Mascots (Sold Out)
  • Face Cushions (Sold Out)
  • Human-size Dolls (Sold Out)
  • Arcade Prizes (Not for Sale)


Kutar also offers a mobile phone service called DOCODEMO KUTAR, which allows mobile users to play Kutar games on their cell phones.
Contents include the following:


  • Kutar's Pose (Reality version)
  • Lowné's Staring Contest (Reality version)
  • Kutar's Dosukoi
  • Nyugyu's MILK
  • Navy's Horn
  • Smoke's Treasure Hunt
  • Kutar's Reversi
  • Kutar's Q
  • Kutar's Destiny Run
  • Kutar's Lift
  • Kutar's Ramen Timer
  • Kutar's Shichi Narabe
  • Kutar's Solitaire
  • Kutar's Hula Hoop
  • Kutar's Daifugo
  • Kutar's Powder
  • Kutar's P Dance
  • Kutar's Eye Power
  • Kutar's Techno Defender
  • Kutar's Manufacture
  • Kutar's Rocket 3D (Reality version)
  • Kutar's T-shirt
  • Kutar's Musasabi
  • Kutar's Vegetable Pinball
  • Kutar's Blue Water
  • Kutar's Rocket 3D
  • Kutar's Gurupero
  • Kutar's Rocket
  • Kutar's Endroll
  • Kutar's Hanetsuki
  • Kutar's Tuberider
  • Kutar's Endroll UNI (Prize)
  • Kutar's Baseball
  • Kutar's Jump Rope
  • Kutar's Child Match
  • Kutar's Q Sea (Prize)
  • Kutar's Rodeo
  • Kutar's Apple
  • Kutar's Wanko Soba (Prize)
  • Kutar's Balloon
  • Kutar's Chanbara Sword Master
  • Kutar's Ikki
  • Kutar's Hip Dance


Ring Tones



Web Contents

External links

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