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Geert Huinink

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Title: Geert Huinink  
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Geert Huinink

Geert Huinink
Also known as Modus Operandi, Photon Project, Twenty-Something, Headstrong, G&A Project, White Russians, Magik Muzik
Origin Netherlands
Genres Epic trance
Years active 2000–present
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Geert Huinink (Dutch pronunciation: ) is a Dutch electronic music producer and classical composer.[1] The compositions that he has released by have been done under many different aliases. There is little published about the man, but his name has surfaced around some influential and respected leaders in the trance music scene. He has released tracks under Tiesto's name and has collaborated with artists like Cor Fijneman and Daniël Stewart. Geert has also produced for a Dutch television show called "Meiden van de Wit" in 2002.[2] Game soundtrack composition is another forte of his.[3]


The Dawnseekers is one of the aliases used by Geert, along with Alco Lammers, that produced melodic and uplifting trance tracks during the early 2000s.[4] The trademark of their tracks were the use of lush strings very closely resembling violins and beautiful horns combined with other orchestrated instruments. There were just a few, but euphoric tracks completed during the few years that the duo were active as the Dawnseekers. Their music was picked up by Black Hole Recordings and Platipus Records.[5] The pair of Dutch artists were active in remixing as well as original productions. A track originally by Art of Trance was redone by Dawnseekers.

Photon Project

Alco Lammers was again Geert's partner in the collaboration under the Photon Project alias. One of their major hits was with the track "Enlightenment" released in 2000. The track features a melody played by what sounds like a symphony orchestra and features a whispering sample by Gary Oldman from the movie "Leon - The Professional". It goes:

I like these calm little moments before the storm. Can you hear it? It's like when you put your head to the grass and you can hear the growin', you can hear the insects, z-z-z-z-zah!"

"Enlightenment" stops short of 12 minutes in playing time, of which 4–5 minutes consists of soothing symphony. The B-side of this release is "Illumination". "Illumination" focuses more on the trancier part even though it also has a slight orchestrated breakdown in the middle. It clocks in at 10 minutes and 30 seconds. The track "Enlightenment" was remixed by Geert Huinink himself in 2005 and released as a free mp3 on the Internet, and also appears on the Black Hole Recordings: Best of 1997-2004 compilation.

A successful remix of Andain's "Beautiful Things" (as Photon Project) appeared on notable compilations.[6]

Work with Tiësto

In addition to working with Tiesto's Black Hole label, Geert is also credited with writing and producing the title track for Tiesto's Elements of Life album.[7][8] On Tiesto's earlier Just Be release, Geert has been credited as co-composing the expansive lead track "Forever Today" as well as "A Tear in the Open".[9][10] In 2001 a remix of Oceanlab's hit "Clear blue water" was done.[11][12]

This table summarizes the work Geert has performed on Tiesto albums:

In My Memory [13]
  • "Magik Journey"
Parade of the Athletes [14]
  • "Olympic Flame" Co-produced with Daniël Stewart
  • "Victorious" Co-produced with Daniël Stewart
  • "Forever Today" Co-produced with Daniël Stewart
Just Be [10]
Elements of Life [7]
  • "Elements of Life"


As Dawnseekers [4]
  • "Gothic Dream"
  • "Protuberance"
  • "Shaman's Wake Up"
  • "Twister"
  • Art of trance - "Breathe" (Dawnseekers Remix)
As Photon Project [6]
  • "Enlightenment"
  • "Illumination"
  • "The Inside"
  • "The Outside"
  • "Brainwave"
  • "Thoughts"
  • "11 Hours"
  • "Fly"
  • Andain - "Beautiful Things" (Photon Project Remix)
  • Nickleson - "Yin" (Photon Project Remix)
As Twenty-Something [15]
  • "Mayflower"
  • "Morphing Mirror"
  • "Sugar rush"
  • The Quest - C-sharp (Twenty-Something Remix)

As Headstrong [16]
  • "Escalator"
  • "Noise 4 Us
As Threesome (With Cor Fijneman) [17]
  • "Mohave"
  • "Gobi"
As 2 Souls [18]
  • "In The Beginning"

As Modus Operandi [19]
  • "Sandman"
  • "Promise"
  • "Suburbia"
As White Russians
  • "Dangerous Liaisons"
  • "Tortilla Wrap"
  • "Navigator "
As Divided [20]

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