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2008 In Poetry

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Title: 2008 In Poetry  
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Subject: 2008, W. S. Merwin, United States Poet Laureate, 2012 in poetry, 2011 in poetry
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2008 In Poetry

Nationality words link to articles with information on the nation's poetry or literature (for instance, Irish or France).
List of years in poetry (table)
In literature


Russian poet Dmitry Vodennikov
  • June 18 – Release in the United Kingdom of a new film, The Edge of Love, concerning Dylan Thomas' relationship with two women, starring Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys (as Thomas).[1]
  • September – A United Kingdom examination board, Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, asks schools to withdraw copies of its anthology which contain the poem, Education for Leisure by Carol Ann Duffy after some teachers complained about the poem's reference to knives. Other teachers oppose the move, and Duffy responds with a new poem, Mrs Schofield's GCSE.[1]
  • December 15 – The American Academy of Arts and Sciences begins awarding the May Sarton prize. Five "emerging poets" each year will receive a $2,000 honorarium and an opportunity to have their work published in the Academy's journal, Daedalus (for winners, see "Awards and honors" section, below).[2]
  • Dennis Brutus is awarded the Lifetime Honorary Award by the South African Department of Arts and Culture for his lifelong dedication to African and world poetry and literary arts[3] Brutus was also an activist who was imprisoned and incarcerated in the cell next to Nelson Mandela's on Robben Island from 1963 to 1965.[4]
  • Dmitry Vodennikov wins a Russian poetry competition television show, "King of the Poets".[5]
  • POETomu (a play on the English word "poet" and the Russian word poetomu ("because")), a glossy magazine about poetry, is founded in Russia.[5]

Works published in English

Listed by nation where the work was first published and again by the poet's native land, if different; substantially revised works listed separately:


Bronwyn Lea this year


  • Kyle Buckley, The Laundromat Essay, a long poem (Coach House Books) ISBN 978-1-55245-206-6
  • Margaret Christakos, What Stirs, (Coach House Books) ISBN 978-1-55245-204-2
  • Jen Currin, Hagiography (Coach House Books) ISBN 978-1-55245-197-7
  • Jeramy Dodds, Crabwise to the Hounds (Coach House Books) ISBN 978-1-55245-205-9[7]
  • Nancy Holmes, Open Wide a Wilderness: Canadian Nature Poems, Wilfrid Laurier University Press ISBN 978-1-55458-033-0
  • Randall Maggs, Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems (Brick Books) ISBN 978-1-894078-62-7
  • George McWhirter, The Anachronicles (Ronsdale Press) ISBN 978-1-55380-054-5
  • Joe Rosenblatt & Catherine Owen, Dog; photos by Karen Moe. Toronto: Mansfield Press.[8]
  • Jordan Scott, Blert (Coach House Books) ISBN 978-1-55245-199-1
  • David Silverberg, editor, Mic Check: An Anthology Of Canadian Spoken Word Poetry, Quattro Books, ISBN 978-0-9782806-5-9
  • Todd Swift, Seaway: New and Selected Poems (Salmon Poetry) ISBN 978-1-903392-92-8
  • R. M. Vaughan, Troubled, (Coach House Books) ISBN 978-1-55245-198-4
  • Zachariah Wells, editor, Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets, (Biblioasis) ISBN 978-1-897231-44-9

India, Indian poetry in English

  • Meena Alexander, Quickly Changing River ( Poetry in English ), Triquarterly Books, by an Indian writing living in and published in the United States[9]
  • Eunice de Souza, editor, Both Sides of the Sky, Post-Independence Poetry in English, New Delhi: National Book Trust, ISBN 978-81-237-5331-7[10]
  • Arundhathi Subramaniam, translator, The Absent Traveller: Prākrit love poetry from the Gāthāsaptaśatī of Sātavāhana Hāla, New Delhi: Penguin India, ISBN 0-14-310080-7[11]
  • Jeet Thayil:
    • These Errors Are Correct, Delhi: Tranquebar Books (EastWest and Westland)[12]
    • Editor, The Bloodaxe Book of Contemporary Indian Poets, Bloodaxe, anthology of Indian poetry in English, published in the United Kingdom[13]
  • Sujata Bhatt (2008). "Pure Lizard" ( Poetry in English ), Carcanet Press. Retrieved 2008-09-13.


  • Guzstáv Báger, Object Found, translated by Thomas Kabdebo; Hungarian poet published in Ireland (Salmon Press) ISBN 978-1-903392-78-2
  • Ciaran Berry, The Sphere of Birds, Oldcastle: The Gallery Press, ISBN 978-1-85235-442-8
  • Dermot Bolger, External Affairs, 80 pages, New Island Press, ISBN 978-1-84840-028-3
  • Andrew Carpenter, editor, Thornfield: Poems by the Thornfield Poets (Salmon Press) ISBN 978-1-903392-79-9 (anthology)
  • Ciarán Carson:
    • Collected Poems, Oldcastle: The Gallery Press, ISBN 978-1-85235-433-6
    • For All We Know, Oldcastle: The Gallery Press, ISBN 978-1-85235-440-4 ISBN 9781852354398[7]
  • Eileen Casey, Drinking the Colour Blue
  • Gerald Dawe, Points West, Oldcastle: The Gallery Press, ISBN 978-1-85235-447-3
  • Frank Golden, In Daily Accord (Salmon Press) ISBN 978-1-903392-75-1
  • Maurice Harmon, The Mischievous Boy and other poems (Salmon Press) ISBN 978-1-903392-86-7
  • Anne Le Marquand Hartigan, To Keep the Light Burning: Reflections in Times of Loss, poetry and prose (Salmon Poetry) ISBN 978-1-903392-96-6
  • Kevin Higgins (poet), Time Gentlemen, Please (Salmon Press) ISBN 978-1-903392-76-8
  • Peter van de Kamp, In Train, Dutch native living in Ireland (Salmon Press) ISBN 978-1-903392-85-0
  • Caroline Lynch, Lost in the Gaeltacht (Salmon Press) ISBN 978-1-903392-84-3
  • Alan Jude Moore, Lost Republics (Salmon Poetry) ISBN 978-1-903392-93-5
  • Patrick Moran (poet), Green (Salmon Press) ISBN 978-1-903392-95-9
  • Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin: Selected Poems Gallery Press, London: Oldcastle and Faber, Irish work published in the United Kingdom[14]
  • Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, The Fifty Minute Mermaid, translated from Irish by Paul Muldoon, Gallery Press, ISBN 1-85235-374-0[7]
  • Ulick O'Connor, The Kiss: New and Selected Poems and Translations (Salmon Press) ISBN 978-1-903392-97-3
  • Lorna Shaughnessy, Torching the Brown River (Salmon Press) ISBN 978-1-903392-77-5
  • Eamon Wall, A Tour of Your Country Irish native living in the United States, published in Ireland (Salmon Press) ISBN 978-1-903392-80-5

New Zealand

Best New Zealand Poetry 2007

The year's guest editor, who chose 25 poems for inclusion, was Paula Green. The list appeared at the series website in February 2008.[16]

United Kingdom

Anthologies in the United Kingdom

  • Lesley Duncan, editor, 100 Favourite Poems of the Day (Luath Press Ltd) ISBN 978-1-906307-08-0
  • Mark Richardson, editor, The Big Green Poetry Machine Poems from Scotland (Young Writers) ISBN 978-1-84431-787-5
  • Jeet Thayil, editor, The Bloodaxe Book of Contemporary Indian Poets, Bloodaxe Books ISBN 978-1-85224-801-7[17]
  • Forward Book of Poetry 2009 (published October 2008), Faber and Faber, ISBN 978-0-571-24396-9

Criticism, biography and scholarship in the United Kingdom

United States

Anthologies in the United States

Criticism, scholarship and biography in the United States

  • Michael Almereyda, editor, Night Wraps the Sky: Writings by and about Mayakovsky (Macmillan/Farrar, Straus, and Giroux), ISBN 978-0-374-28135-9
  • Robert Frost, The Collected Prose of Robert Frost, edited by Mark Richardson; Frost was reluctant to publish his collected prose and even said he lost his notes to the Charles Eliot Norton Lectures he delivered at Harvard in 1936 (Harvard University Press)
  • Donald Hall, Unpacking the Boxes: A Memoir of a Life in Poetry, Houghton Mifflin
  • Salt Publishing
  • Michael Palmer, Active Boundaries: Selected Essays and Talks, New Directions (New York, NY), 2008. ISBN 0-8112-1754-X
  • Reginald Shepherd, Orpheus in the Bronx: Essays on Identity, Politics, and the Freedom of Poetry, University of Michigan Press
  • Jan Ziolkowski and Bridget K. Balint, editors, A Garland of Satire, Wisdom, and History: Latin Verse from Twelfth-Century France (Carmina Houghtoniensia), Harvard University Press, ISBN 0-9765472-7-9 ISBN 9780976547273

Poets in The Best American Poetry 2008

These poets appeared in The Best American Poetry 2008, with David Lehman, general editor, and Charles Wright, guest editor (who selected the poetry) (Scribner ISBN 0-7432-9973-6):

Works published in other languages

French language


Canadian poetry in French


  • Christoph Buchwald, series editor, and Ulf Stolterfoht, guest editor, Jahrbuch der Lyrik 2008 ("Yearbook of Poetry 2008"), Frankfurt: Fischer (S.), 215 pages, ISBN 978-3-10-009654-8, anthology
  • Christoph Janacs:
    • die Ungewissheit der Barke/la barca sin certidumbre ("The Uncertainty of the Boat"), publisher: Arovell
    • Nachtwache ("Nightwatch"), Edition Thanhäuser, 37 poems; St. Georgs Presse
  • Bjoern Kuligk and Jan Wagner, editors, Lyrik von Jetzt 2 ("Poetry of Now 2"), publisher: Berlin Verlag, featuring poetry by 50 authors born after 1969 (a follow-up volume to Lyrik von Jetzt, published in 2003
  • Steffen Popp, Kolonie zur Sonne: Gedichte ("Colony to the Sun: Poems"), Kookbooks, 59 pages, ISBN 978-3-937445-35-9
  • Sabine Scho:
    • Album: Gedichte ("Album: Poems"), Kookbooks, 62 pages, ISBN 978-3-937445-29-8
    • Farben ("Colors"), Kookbooks, 78 pages, ISBN 978-3-937445-34-2
Danish poet Pia Tafdrup



Listed in alphabetical order by first name:




Other languages

Awards and Honors


Australia awards and honors

Canada awards and honors

New Zealand awards and honors

United Kingdom awards and honors

United States awards and honors

From the Poetry Society of America

Other awards and honors


Birth years link to the corresponding "[year] in poetry" article:


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