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Princess of Portugal

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Title: Princess of Portugal  
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Subject: Joanna of Austria, Princess of Portugal, Princess of Brazil, Joanna, Princess of Portugal, Maria Manuela, Princess of Portugal
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Princess of Portugal

This is a list of Princesses of Portugal, since 1388, both by marriage and birth. In 1645, the title became Princess of Brazil.

Note: Lighter shade of blue means that the person was not titled Princess of Portugal, being only the first in the line of succession.

Princess of Portugal

By birth

This is a list of Princess of Portugal who held the title by their own rights:

Picture Name Heiress of Birth Became Heiress to the Throne Ceased to be Princess of Portugal Death
Princess Joan Afonso V 6 February 1452 6 March 1405
brother's birth
12 May 1490
Eleanor of Viseu, Queen Dowager of Portugal Manuel I 2 May 1458 25 October 1495
brother's accession as King
nephew's takes her place
17 November 1525
19 July 1500
nephew's death
7 June 1502
nephew's birth
Princess Maria Manuela John III 15 October 1527 11 November 1531
brother's birth
12 August 1545
Princess Isabella Clara Eugenia Philip II 12 August 1566 13 September 1598
brother's accession as King
22 September 1601
niece's birth
1 December 1633
Princess Anne 22 September 1601 8 April 1605
brother's birth
20 January 1666
Princess Maria Margaret Philip III 14 August 1621 15 August 1621
Princess Margaret Maria Catherine 25 November 1623 22 December 1623
Princess Maria Eugenia 21 November 1625 21 July 1627
Princess Isabella Maria Theresa 31 October 1627 1 November 1627

By marriage

This is a list of Princess of Portugal who held the title by their marriage to the Prince of Portugal:

Note: Lighter shade of blue means that the person was not titled Princess of Portugal, being only wife of the person first in the line of succession.
Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Princess Ceased to be Princess Death Spouse
Infanta Beatrice of Portugal Infante João, Lord of Reguengos
1430 1447 29 January 1451
nephew's birth
30 September 1506 Infante Fernando
1447 29 January 1451
nephew's death
29 January 1451
niece's birth
Infanta Eleanor of Viseu Infante Ferdinand, Duke of Viseu
2 May 1458 22 January 1470 28 August 1481
became Queen
17 November 1525 Prince João
Infanta Isabella of Castile and Aragon Ferdinand II of Aragon
2 October 1470 3 November 1490 13 July 1491
husband's death
28 August 1498 Prince Afonso
Infanta Joanna of Spain Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
24 June 1535 7 December 1552 2 January 1554
husband's death
7 September 1573 Prince João Manuel
Princess Elisabeth of France Henry IV of France
22 November 1602 25 November 1615 31 March 1621
became Queen
6 October 1644 Prince Philip


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