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Somewhere Deep in the Night

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Title: Somewhere Deep in the Night  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Swing Out Sister, Nigel Hitchcock, Filth and Dreams, Where Our Love Grows
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Somewhere Deep in the Night

Somewhere Deep in the Night
Studio album by Swing Out Sister
Released May 2001 (Japan)
March 2002 (Europe and U.S.)
Length 46:58
Label Universal Music (Japan)
EMI Records (Europe and U.S.)
Swing Out Sister chronology

Filth and Dreams
Somewhere Deep in the Night
Where Our Love Grows

Somewhere Deep in the Night is the title of the seventh studio album by the British sophisti-pop group Swing Out Sister. Produced by longtime collaborator Paul Staveley O'Duffy, the album was first released in Japan in 2001, with a European and American release the following year.

Since the group's second album, 1989's Kaleidoscope World, the group has consisted of Corinne Drewery on lead vocals and multi-instrumentalist Andy Connell. On this album, Connell provides keyboards, synthesizer, guitar and accordion. Other contributing musicians on the album include Tim Cansfield (guitar), Nigel Hitchcock (tenor saxophone), Noel Langley (trumpet and fluegelhorn), and Jody Linscott (percussion). In addition to Connell, other backing vocalists include Beverley Skeete, Dee Lewis, Gina Foster and Stephanie de Sykes.[1]

Allmusic gave Somewhere Deep in the Night four stars out of a possible five, stating that the album "is a very strong album from the duo, packed full of sweeping, melancholy tunes".[2] Reviewer Nick Dedina continues by describing how the album "...uses its sumptuous, melodramatic arrangements to sugar rather bleak songs of confusion and lost love...rather than simply dazzle the listener with retro-schmaltz."[2]

Track listing

  1. "Through the Sky" (3:55) (Andy Connell/Corinne Drewery/Paul Staveley O'Duffy)
  2. "Will We Find Love?" (3:55) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  3. "Somewhere Deep in the Night" (4:29) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  4. "The Vital Thing" (2:48) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy/Nigel Hitchcock)
  5. "What Kind of Fool Are You?" (4:04) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  6. "Suspended in Time" (1:39) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  7. "Alpine Crossing" (3:07) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  8. "Fool Tag" (0:27) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  9. "Where the Hell Did I Go Wrong?" (4:10) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  10. "Non E Vero Ma Ci Credo" (4:08) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  11. "Touch Me Now" (3:56) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  12. "The Vital Thing - Take B" (2:27) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy/N. Hitchcock)
  13. "Where Do I Go?" (4:23) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)
  14. "Now Listen to Me" (3:30) (A. Connell/C. Drewery/P. S. O'Duffy)


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